ProjectPaintball is the result of a high school entrepreneurship and marketing class. It is the real life testing grounds for all of the principles we’ve learned in running a business. Everything from understanding revenue and expenses, startup costs, pricing, operations, service, and marketing. We’ve done our best to create a fun and safe paintball environment in South Kansas City, serving the entire KC Metro.

It seems Project Paintball KC has had a couple of curve balls thrown at us! We had a burglary in December that caused us to close for the winter season early. While I am glad to say that we’ve replaced everything that was stolen – we now have a different challenge to address.

Project Paintball KC is located on the campus of a small private K-12 school. The school is expanding – and needs the land we are currently situated on. We’ll be taking the next few months to move locations. We’ll still be on the same property, just a different part of the campus.

We have looked at the site for the new paintball field – and we are super excited. There is a little bit more terrain and texture to the land. Also potentially a lot more parking. Unfortunately, it’s going to take time to move – and during that time we are going to be closed; no public play or private reservations.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We expect to be closed through May.




We currently only have 1 field in operation. It is a medium sized arena designed for fast play. Expect quick rounds of roughly 10 on 10 action. There are obstacles galore and no room nor appreciation for campers.

Read MORE – Types of Gameplay

Recommendations: Bring your own paintball mask! There are many things worth sharing…but paintball masks are like bowling shoes – just get your own! 


Day Rate – $10
Equipment Rental – $15 – marker, tank, mask
Paintball Ammo – $15/500 paintballs

Must use paintball ammo from ProjectPaintball
Bring Your Own Equipment (marker, tank, mask) and you can SKIP the rental charge
HPA – FREE – 3000 psi

Groups Rates Available!! – Ask Us!

Safety and Waivers

Project Paintball is located on The Daniel Academy campus on land zoned for education. Missouri State law prohibits the sale, possession, or use of alcohol or controlled substances on school grounds or at school-related events.

Waivers must be signed for each person playing. If you are younger than 16, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign for you. To save time, we recommend you take care of your waivers online, HERE.


Location and Hours

We are temporarily closed until our relocation is complete.

If you are interested in booking a private party – email us the date and time you are interested in.

Location is at 310 W 106th Street
Kansas City, Missouri  64114

Project Paintball is on The Daniel Academy campus. Turn into the school and look for our signs.

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Please visit and follow our Facebook and Instagram -both a great way to stay in touch. You’ll also have the most up-to-date information on openings and hours of operation.


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