Project Paintball Partners

Dealer Partners

Here at Project Paintball, we LOVE Tippmann. They’ve been making excellent paintball products for DECADES. In fact, most of our markers bear the Tippmann name. From the venerable Tippmann-98, to the Cronus, and now the Stormer – we stand by their products! We recently became Tippmann Dealers and are super excited to grow this relationship!


We are so grateful to Valken. We became dealers early on and they really helped us get this business off the ground. We’ve leaned on Valken for their value based Razorbacks and have acquired a ton of our accessories through Valken. We are excited to grow this business alongside partners like this!

Bulks Discounts

Starting this venture on fundraising and donations – was not easy! We had a fundraising goal – and we did NOT meet it. We did however collect enough to get the ball moving.

ANS Gear gave us some fantastic bulk discounts that helped us get our first batch of rental gear. They were our first suppliers of markers, masks, and CO2 tanks – ANS Gear will always have a special place in our hearts and history!

Scheels, specifically the Overland Park, Kansas location also played a pivotal role in helping us get started. They gave us bulk discounts on gear and paintballs. I still remember our first bulk purchase – a handful of markers, masks, and tanks and enough boxes of paintballs to weigh the whole car down! 

And finally D3FY Sports for paintballs. Through our friends at KC Sports Complex, we have access to D3FY paintballs. We are thankful for D3FY and KC Sports Complex, not just for great paint – but for great advice. KC Sports Complex – those guys are the real PROS. 

Service Partners

These Service Partners have been an absolute blast to work with – we HIGHLY recommend ALL of them.


American Welding and Gas – CO2 Supplier

Bison Lawns – Insect Control

Sheppard Lawn Care – Landscaping