Game Play

Popular Game Play Modes and Variations

Team Elimination

Split into two teams – the goal is simple, eliminate the other team to win. Both teams must start at their base, but are free to move around once the round starts.

Defend Your Base

Each base has an empty helium tank, mostly hidden. These helium tanks cannot be moved, but they must be protected. You win by shooting the other team’s tank.

Capture the Flag

A truly timeless game. One flag in the middle of the field, the first team to grab that flag and bring it back to their base, wins. If you get hit while running with the flag, it gets dropped where you were hit.

Center Flag Push

A variation of capture the flag has one flag in the middle of the field. The first team to touch that flag, wins. These rounds are FAST – full of action.

VIP Escort

Each team must select one team member to be the VIP. The VIP plays unarmed – and must be escorted to the opposing team’s base for the win.

Fluffy’s Fury

Invented by Grandpa Fluffy – it’s an exhilarating free-for-all….not for the faint of heart

Full Hopper

A full hopper holds 200 paintballs. That’s a lot of firepower for just one round. 

Restricted Ammo

This is possibly our number one game enhancement. Playing with only 30-40 paintballs in the hopper forces players to play smart. Teams need to talk, move, and take smart shots.

Muskets Ready!

No hoppers at all! Players carry ammo in their pockets and pouches. Markers are reloaded by hand. 


NEW! For 8-12 Years Old!

October of 2023 – We added .50 cal pump action markers to our inventory. This is a smaller paintball that gets fired at a much lower velocity, which means it hurts a lot less. So, it’s great for the little people that might find traditional paintball a little too fast and a little too paintful!

We recommend .50 cal to players that are ages 8-12 years. Currently, .50 cal is only offered during private reservations.