About Us

Project Paintball, LLC is the result of a high school entrepreneurship and marketing class that ran through the 2021-2022 school year. It is the real-life testing grounds for all of the principles we’ve learned in running a business. Everything from understanding revenue and expenses, startup costs, pricing, operations, service, and marketing. In the summer of 2022, we officially opened as Project Paintball, LLC. We’ve done our best to create a fun and safe paintball environment in South Kansas City, serving the entire KC Metro.

True to its origins, Project Paintball is still committed to furthering the educational experience of business and entrepreneurship. We employ a number of graduates and high school students, as well as provide opportunities for internships. Students not only learn about the concepts of marketing, management, and customer service; they also get to experience and “do it” firsthand! On any given OPEN day, you’ll see our student employees checking out rental gear, refilling tanks, refereeing, and giving safety briefs.

In addition, all Project Paintball profits will go back into education. After being open for the summer and fall of 2022, we are mostly self-supporting. We still lean on The Daniel Academy for our bookkeeping and insurance expenses, but our goal is to be financially independent by Q2 of 2023. Beyond that, our vision is to become profitable, and to cycle all of that profit back into the school. Furthermore, Project Paintball is an LLC founded under the 501.c3 status of The Daniel Academy – which means we can issue a tax receipt for any donations given. Please send donation inquiries to info@projectpaintballkc.com if you are interested in giving.