The BENEFITS of Metered Play

Professional speedball players can burn through 1000 paintballs in a single round. That’s an insane amount of paint! Watching these players fire thousands of rounds at each other, sliding, covering, advancing, and moving as a team – paintball has become an exciting and highly specialized sport. These players are good at what they do; and it is truly exhilarating to watch them!

That’s not us. For starters, burning through 1000 paintballs in a single round is extremely expensive. Even at our reduced cost of $15/500 paintballs – you are looking at $20-$30 per round! Most people that come out to play, expect to have at least a good 1-2 hours of fun. Well, you can quickly see how all of that adds up!

In an effort to extend our playing time – we started to restrict the number of paintballs we can use in a single round. We started off counting (metering) 30 paintballs – the functional equivalent of a full magazine. We immediately noticed a difference in play – and it was almost all positive:

  • Less Camping – no one likes a camper; with restricted ammo, you can’t just sit there behind a bunker and unload downrange
  • Movement – if you can’t camp, then you’ve got to move
  • Communication – if you are going to move, then you better start talking to each other
  • Exciting Play – we suddenly saw teams moving, covering each other, talking to each other, advancing together
  • Smarter Play – players need to conserve ammo, think, and choose their shots
  • $$$ – increased fun and “realism” while saving money

We play a number of different types of scenarios – but we often do it with these metered rules. Project Paintball doesn’t make as much money – but our customers leave having had a ton of fun for a great price. 


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